Hailstorms Cause Serious Damage to Roofs Across Imperial, MO

Hailstorms Cause Serious Damage to Roofs Across Imperial, MO

Hire a roofing repair expert to examine your roof

Hail is a seasonal nuisance. The large pellets of ice damage crops, livestock, planes, cars and roofs. As soon as the storm ends, contact RoofTop Home Improvements LLC. Our roofing repair crew will inspect your roof carefully for signs of damage.

We’ll make sure your roof is prepared for the next hailstorm that rolls through the Imperial, MO area.

Was your roof damaged by hail?

After an intense storm hits town, you may need a roofing repair specialist to check your Imperial, MO property for damage. The experienced roofers at RoofTop Home Improvements LLC will respond quickly to your call and evaluate the state of your roof right away.

Hail damage looks different depending on the roofing material. If you have:

  • An asphalt roof. You’ll notice dented spots where the hail has displaced shingle granules.
  • A wooden shingle roof. You’ll see cracks along the grain of your wooden shingles.
  • A slate roof. You’ll find random cracks in the slate shingles and a few may fall off the roof.

If you suspect that your roof was damaged during a hailstorm, contact us right away for repairs.